June 12, 2004

Soup Troll

8:45 pm - I had tried this one yesterday, but after a thorough search could not find the cache. Just when I was ready to search some more, a car pulled up. "Did those guys leave?" "Uhh, yeah, they've been closed for a while." This guy looked like he wanted some soup, but then he pulled out some keys and went inside. Apparently the soup troll is Indian and he drives a Lexus. After he went inside to collect the day's soup profits I decided to give up for today.

We were picking up some food at Once an Orchard and I decided to swing by this one on the way. There were still two guys in there are they looked at me funny, but conveniently there was a newspaper right where I wanted to look. I sat down, pretended to read and when the guys inside decided I was harmless, poked around and found the cache. Job done, I replaced the cache, grabbed the newspaper and took off.

I appreciate the recommendation for a good soup place close to home, so I'll try to come back soon when it's open! Posted by jeff at June 12, 2004 08:45 PM