June 01, 2004

Learning Tree Cache

3:26 pm - We were on the way back from picking up patuxentgang's brother from school when I noticed we were going right by a cache. We took a quick right and parked.

The cicadas were defeaning as we reached the forest. We ventured in only a little when we realized this wasn't the right trail.

We walked around the forest until we came upon the other gravel lot and this time with a barn next door!

We wandered through the forest for a while and did an unnecessary creek crossing before we found the cache.

Jonathan stepped in some mud and when he stepped out of it, his shoe was still in the mud!

It's not a true geocaching experience until something like that happens anyway.
The cache was in good shape. We TNLNSL and tried to avoid the poison ivy on the way out but I doubted we were able to avoid it all, so we stopped by the drugstore for some technu on the way home. They were sold out. :-) I settled on a thorough washing of my legs instead. I hope it worked!
Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at June 1, 2004 03:26 PM