April 24, 2004

The GeoROCKS! 500 - Pole Position

12:32 pm - I tagged along with Workerofwood and friends to finish up this cache today. The trail was steep in parts, but Nostrada and I kept ourselves interested by racing each other up the hills. That was a quick way to get really winded.

As we got close to the cache we became a bit perplexed as to how to get to it. We went up and down the trail a bit, until we resigned ourselves to the fact that the terrain was going to be more challenging than we thought. I also heard something strange down the hill which sounded like a large animal moving through the brush. Of course it could be human, but what would a human be doing down there? As we looked at our target area, I pointed out to workerofwood that there was some people down there. Animals don't wear white t-shirts.

Half way down, I shouted "Are you guys geocaching?" They responded yes. It was MRsquared and a friend. What a strange coincidence running into them here! They tried to escape, but we found them before they got a chance. It sure saved us a lot of searching. It was also great to meet some other caches. Snatched the just-placed rare MRSquared coin.

Thanks for the challenge.
Posted by jeff at April 24, 2004 12:32 PM