April 24, 2004

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #34

5:46 pm - Baseball game going on. I approached anyway to see if I could spot anything obvious but no luck. I was kinda glad to leave anyway; the pitcher was getting shelled and it was hard to watch.

7:55 pm - Returned on my way back home. The game was over, but there was a lone guy standing right near where the cache should be talking on a cell phone. I thought at first that he must be a geocacher pretending to be talking on a cell phone, but he as I walked by he was obviously a "real" person talking on a "real" cell phone. Bizarre. I waited him out and after a few minutes he left. A few minutes of searching and I had it. Yeah, you sure couldn't get this one during a game. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at April 24, 2004 05:46 PM