April 17, 2004

Not Basketball? Midnight!

6:05 pm - So I'm looking for this cache, examining nearby objects very carefully when some girls start screaming at me from the across the street. "Are you looking for the GPS?" I nod yes. "It's over there! Over there!" I dumbly start stumbling over to where they were pointing and before I know it, they're across the street, showing me where it is. Thanks, girls! They sure seemed to enjoy it. Apparently they saw Marky place it, and claimed the FTF! I asked them to keep it a secret so it won't get taken and they seemed to be cool about it.

This cache didn't seem to be particularly rain-proof though, so I worry about what will come of the log in wet weather.

Thanks for the very cool cache, I was thankful for the local help!
Posted by jeff at April 17, 2004 06:05 PM