April 04, 2004

Do You See What I Saw?

12:23 pm - The parking hint helped a lot on this one. As we approached the first waypoint, we saw some others who appeared to be looking for it as well. We decided to take a short walk and let them to do it. A few minutes later, we came back and they were still looking.

My coordinates zeroed out in one spot and after a thorough look, I found the well-camo'd object. I didn't want to run the fun for rossf2, so I put it back and then went to put in the new coodinates. Somewhere in there I completely forgot the numbers, so I had to go back. Rossf2 was looking in the right place now, so I helped them find it a little and then really got the coordinates.

By the time we reached the second waypoint, they were already there. I poked around in a few places, then got lucky and found it. This was a cool area tucked away in Stanford that we haven't seen before. Thanks. Posted by jeff at April 4, 2004 12:23 PM