March 27, 2004

Rabbit on Drugs

6:30 pm - About 10 years ago I came to visit LA for the first time. The person who we were supposed to stay with bailed on us, so we wandered around the area, too cheap to pay for a hotel. We saw a late movie at Third St Promenade then went to the Johnny Rockets across the street from here for some late-night food. While we were eating we asked the waitress a somewhat hypothetical question: "If you were to sleep in a car in Beverly Hills, where would you do it?" She pointed out this park and that's where we spent the night.

Back to the cache - found it in short order while trying not to trample the flowers. The log sheet was kinda wet and very full. There's a very cool big tree nearby. Thanks, rabbit! Posted by jeff at March 27, 2004 06:30 PM