March 26, 2004

Ancient Apartment Complex

9:52 am - First u-turn of the day. Nostrada and I were on the way to Fremont to meet MotorBug when I noticed this one was on the way. There was a guy doing something with a dishwasher in front of the building. I have no idea why. We tried to wait him out,but then decided he wasn't going anywhere, so we stopped right in front while Nostrada went in and grabbed the cache and brought it back to the car.

We sped off afterwards and along 680 I noticed a car with a geocaching license plate frame. We pulled up alongside and saw Marky! Nostrada wrote my cell number on some paper and pressed it against the window. Marky was on his way to work and considered bailing to join us for a day of caching, but he decided otherwise. Where are his priorities?? :-)

Posted by jeff at March 26, 2004 09:52 AM