March 06, 2004

Joani's Crafty Cache - Crochet

4:15 pm - I have the good fortune of having friends who are willing to assist in cases where my expertese is limited. I tried to bribe my sister into doing it, but that didn't work. I think I need to go over and mow somebody's grandmother's lawn in repayment.

I think I get how this works now, but I'm going to stick to things I'm already good at. :-)

Stopped by with mmp, nostrada and workerofwood to grab the cache. A mother and sun were on the other end of the fence shooting us suspicious looks, but we shot them right back since they were standing around looking strange too. I delivered the cache to mmp's car for the second time today. TNLNSL. Thanks for the crochet lesson.

Posted by jeff at March 6, 2004 04:15 PM