February 16, 2004

Castaway Cay Pad

10:59 am - Lawyers are slow. At least mine are. While waiting an hour and a half for them to get off a conference call in relation to some boring stuff at work, I solved this puzzle. Interestingly enough, it was very similar in concept to another puzzle I had solved recently.

I had a chance to grab it today and drove all around before I found the right spot to park. I zeroed in on the coordinates quickly, but didn't find anything. Then I started reading the logs and convinced myself that I had the coordinates wrong so I went all around, checking the trees. When that didn't work, I read the description again, headed back to my solved coordinates, and found it immediately. Duh.

I still think I'm missing something in the title of this cache, but it was still fun. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at February 16, 2004 10:59 AM