February 15, 2004

Where the Wild Things Are (Locationless)

I was on a hike preoccupied with other caches when I stopped to get my bearings. I looked up and saw an honest-to-god peacock - in Los Gatos, California!

I had trouble with my camera earlier in the day, but now I really needed to get it to work, so I blew on the memory card a few times and it magically started working.

The peacock didn't seem to care much about me and I was able to get pretty close to him. He wasn't showing his feathers and where he was I don't think he had room to.

Kingdom: Metazoa
Phylum: Chordata (chordates)
Class: Aves (birds)
Order: Galliformes
Family: Phasianidae (pheasants)
Genus: Pavo
Species: Pavo cristatus
Common Names: Indian Peafowl, Blue Peafowl, Peacock Posted by jeff at February 15, 2004 01:00 PM