February 15, 2004

Salty Cache

5:25 pm - I was feeling kind of timid today. When I arrived there were some people in the windowed security booth and then a guy came out to take down the flag. I loitered for a bit in the parking lot across the street and wandered near the cache, but didn't want to become completely obvious because it wasn't clear whose land this was.

Anyway, while I was waiting, I saw a jeep drive by and turn around. I finally gave up and got in my car to drive home. As I was driving out, I saw a guy walking down the street with something in his hand. A GPSr? I pulled over and parked right where he had parked his jeep and watched. Yup, he was heading right for the cache. Alright, if they don't care about him, they won't care about me. I walked over and as I got close I recogized the cacher as kablooey, one of the few (in?)famous cachers I had yet to meet.

He had the cache wide open and had spared me the test of figuring out the trick. I did figure it out though and we walked back. TNLNSL. Thanks. Posted by jeff at February 15, 2004 05:25 PM