February 08, 2004

Forgotten Plaza

1:28 pm - I've driven by this place a million times, but never noticed a park. Today I didn't even have my GPSr on, but saw it right away. Amazing.

Dropped off my better half at the library and I hoofed it over to the cache. On the way, I saw a couple and their dog attacking an 8-foot branch that had fallen off a tree. They broke about 3 feet off it and gave it to the dog, who happily grabbed it and trotted down Castro St. Others walking by found it pretty funny.

It took me longer than it should to find the cache, but it was right where it should be. At first I found a bag with clothes in it, which I quickly returned. Yuck.

The cache was a little wet, but still in pretty good shape. Thanks. Posted by jeff at February 8, 2004 01:28 PM