February 07, 2004

Play "Fore" Cache

3:43 pm - After Dogs & Bikes, MotorBug and I decided that we would go back and park, then walk the .3 miles to this cache. As I turned around, the others yelled mutiny at the though of walking soooo far. So we synced up with MotorBug in the parking lot and he go so excited about the next cache that the jumped out of his car with it still in drive! We yelled at him as his car rolled slowly forward.

We decided to see if there was close parking or forget it for today. We pulled over on someone's driveway, hopped the fence and found the cache.

Too bad nostrada didn't find this one. He was too busy sitting in the car, eating all our crackers.

I was surprised to see workerofwood's signature in the log. Hey workerofwood, I thought you were rushing home to meet your wife? :-) Posted by jeff at February 7, 2004 03:43 PM