January 31, 2004

Noblest Pomelo

1:35 pm - We liked this short walk. Immediately after we parked, we were joined by a group of cyclists who had just finished the crazy ride all the way up. Impressive.

As we were leaving the car, we ran into another guy walking who warned us not to park at the top of Monte Bello road, because the rangers tend to ticket. We ran into him again on the way down to the cache on his return loop. Thankfully, there was no ticket when we got back, but we were conscious of the time while doing this and 2 other other caches in the area.

Just after after taking the turn off the main trail, we saw a coyote quietly waiting for some critter to come out of its hole. He seemeed completely unconcerned with us and we were shocked as he started walking closer to us. Soon he meandered up the hill and we were able to pass.

We found the cache easily and TLNL. I'm pretty sure I saw a geocaching note in the cache, so the note can be removed from the description. Thanks! Posted by jeff at January 31, 2004 01:35 PM