January 18, 2004

More Digits

3:53 pm - This was a cool puzzle. I solved the first digits puzzle with a program and it didn't make it obvious where I found get the second set of coordinates in the way it provided the output. With a little hint I was able to revise my program, let it run for 10 hours again and I had the coordinates.

Today I went for the cache, but was apprehensive about going for it because there were a bunch of bikes, foam bats and people's bags right near where the cache should have been. So I went over and did another nearby cache and came back. No sign of the people, so I went for the cache, hoping they didn't suddenly return and think I was trying to steal their stuff.

I found the cache quickly, thankfully. If the cache was still in its original position, it would have been right underneath someone's pocketbook! Nice camo.

Thanks for the interesting puzzle. It could have been a lot harder! Posted by jeff at January 18, 2004 03:53 PM