January 18, 2004

The Little Pictures

1:48 pm - This was attempt #2 at this one. I had since received a good hint from Kablooey at finding the second picture and I found the (unhelpful) steganographic message. I found #2 quickly enough, then quickly became lost. I walked around and around, cursing Kablooey, and thinking of giving up again when I stumbled across picture #3. OK, now we're getting somewhere. I then found #4, or what I guessed would be #4 at night.

Wandering around aimlessly again, I found something that could have passed for #5, but then again a lot of places could have matched that picture.

By this time, I figured that each of the pictures were about a block or less away from each other. After some more random wandering I happened upon picture #11. OK, that's fine.

Continuing on in the direction I thought I was supposed to go, I eventually found #14, but I couldn't find anything that resembled the final picture.

Frustrated, I went to find Abby Normal, and then returned.

I circled the block a few times, resolved to forget this cache, but then I found #14. The problem was that nothing seemed to fit between #11 and and #14. A few more blocks later, I was really getting tired and cursing Kablooey seemed like the only reasonable thing to do.

I was heading back to my car when I turned around to try just one more time. I checked a few other possible places and headed for one spot I had missed before. There was a guy standing there, so I had to look busy for a minute while he gathered his stuff to leave. As he did that I looked over and saw a match #15. It looked a little different than I expected, but that was definitely it. The guy left soon after and I grabbed the cache. Wow! I was in complete disbelief that I actually found it. Signed it and headed back to my car, finally, after walking what I guess was a few miles over a couple of hours.

On the way out, I found #10, but that was it. If there is a pattern in these pictures, I still don't get it, but apparently it's not necessary to find the cache.

Posted by jeff at January 18, 2004 01:48 PM