January 12, 2004

Klein Park

6:58 pm - Oh boy, this one was quite the fiasco. HitsMan and I went out for a little night caching and this one was close.

We went to the zero coordinates, but they led us to a place that couldn't hide a cache. We quickly started looking in the common spots, but couldn't find it in the dark, even with a flashlight. We then began to scour the area, finding all kinds of interesting places up and down but finding nothing but snails.

Luckily there was no one around except for some people playing basketball in the dark. No wait, who's that coming? It's thebigdp! He helped us look in all the same places, then we started getting creative on this 1/1 and looking in all kinds of weird spots, flashlights blazing. I hoped that no cops would drive by.

HitsMan had the smarts to look up the latest logs and saw that MotorBug (from The Fellowship) had found it a few hours ago. Not having MotorBug's number, I gave a call to nostrada. Junior Cacher answered the phone, which is always interesting. Hello? Hello?? nostrada graciously offered me MotorBug's number, but I couldn't find my phone to write down the number in. We started looking all around for my phone, but finally figured I must have left it in the car or something and HitsMan wrote it down. It wasn't until after that HitsMan noticed that my phone was in my hand and I was talking on it. Yes, that's how swift we were this evening.

MotorBug graciously offered a hint to look right where we looking before and suddenly thebigdp found it. I swear we checked there several times, but couldn't see it. When we replaced it, we couldn't understand how we couldn't have found it before! Oh well.

Coordinates seemed to be off, but they seemed off on all the caches we did tonight, so maybe it was my GPSr. Then again thebigdp had the same problem.

Thanks for the fiasco! :-) Posted by jeff at January 12, 2004 06:58 PM