January 11, 2004

Indian Montage

5:36 pm - There are certain cache series that define the hider. TeamJiffy's Bay Area Solar System. Stacy and Jerry's Light Rails. mhop's Bay Area Multiple Hills. Ruprex's Urban Assaults. For us this was GeoWomyn's master work.

We biked over 21 miles over 5 hours (ok, we didn't set any speed records) and pass through some of the most beautiful scenery in the bay area. Best of all, we didn't even know it was here until these caches brought us here.

We started and ended the day with the Indian Montage series. Finding the last one was very satisfying as the sun was setting and the air turned crisp. We were tired, dehydrated and our batteries were almost dead. But as we climbed up that one last hill, we knew we had accomplished something on this day.

The cache was easily found and we rejoiced at the bounty within. We took a gray matter ball and left a mini flashlight. I messed up on picture #9 (sorry), but I think we got a good one with picture #8. It was getting so dark, we had to use the flash.

This series was very enjoyable, from the great scenery to the nice paths and all the easily found caches along the way. We headed home, pretty exhausted, but satisfied. Thanks for a memorable experience! Posted by jeff at January 11, 2004 05:36 PM