January 10, 2004

See Sign?

5:07 pm - I stared and stared at this for many hours on planes, in airports and in boring meetings. I had a bunch of theories, but all of them turned out wrong. (I did get some ideas for evil puzzle caches though. :-)) An email to Sgt. Stitches confirmed that I was way off.

Then the other day I thought to try something I usually try automatically on puzzle caches. That revealed the key and the rest was easy. Had an opportunity to grab it this afternoon so I headed off.

Gee, I wonder where Sgt. Stiches works. :-) Found the cache after a few minutes and it was still soaking wet. I tried to open it up, but the paper just tore, so I "signed" (more like made some slight indentations) the top of the log knowing that the owner should be replacing it soon. Thanks! Posted by jeff at January 10, 2004 05:07 PM