January 04, 2004

4 guys and a gal

12:58 pm - We caught an early flight from Kauai to Honolulu and found ourselves with 5 hours to kill before our flight home. We got on a shuttle to Waikiki and asked the driver to drop us off "anywhere". So he dropped us off near the beach and we went off walking, exploring the very crowded beach and the streets. What a change from a week in Kauai!

This cache was a great way to see the area and we found all 5 waypoints easily. I guess if you're doing a loop, it's good to do them in the posted order, but we were sorry we didn't put in all the waypoints first as we had to backtrack quite a bit to get the last one. This filled up our time nicely and as soon as we were done we jumped in a cab back to the airport. Thanks! Posted by jeff at January 4, 2004 12:58 PM