December 29, 2003

Keeping it Secret

Great, secluded beach. The signs about break-ins freaked us out a little bit, so one of us stayed behind. Enjoyed the walk and the beach was empty except for a guy sitting in his truck. I wonder where that road came from?

Anyway, had to be careful walking over to the cache, but found it after a little while. The container is gone now and it's just a ziplock bag. Doesn't look like it's where the spoiler indicates, but everything was in it, though a little wet.

I emptied out the contents and shook out all the water. I signed the log and tried to take nothing, but as I was loading up the bag again, something red rolled out and down the hill. I didn't really want to go back down and up again, so I picked it up on the way back. It turned out to be one of the Canadian Geocoins.

Thanks for bringing us to this cool beach! Posted by jeff at December 29, 2003 10:38 AM