October 23, 2003

We Won!

I've been by this park many times on my way to the money pit across the street. In order to conserve daylight, I decided to head out to this one straight from work, rather than stopping home and picking up my GPSr. I figured the park was small enough that I didn't need it. As I drove close to it, I saw a guy finishing his dinner in the park and another guy speaking on cell phone who looked like he was a cacher waiting for the coast to be clear.

Got to the park and the guy had finished his dinner. Turned out it was DavidT21 looking for the cache. While he was trying to get a signal on his GPSr, I started to look. The people on the other side of the fence were in their backyard, so it was difficult to search near that area. After a while I found it with much trial and error. I nearly did lose it since I couldn't actually see it when I grabbed it. Signed the log, passed it on to DavidT21 and then we chatted for a bit.

Thanks for the cache. Posted by jeff at October 23, 2003 06:52 PM