October 15, 2003

The Amazing Race

Well, I thought I'd note my adventures on this one so far before I forget them. This really is one of our favorite shows, so I was excited to begin this cache.

I haven't been making any particular effort to finish this one, even though it frequently ends up as my "nearest" cache. I've just been hitting each stage as I've been doing other caches in the area.

I did the first stage a couple of months ago. I did a lot of counting and came up with the coords for the first roadblock. That one was relatively straightforward and a nice walk. I filed away the answer and the coordinates for the detour for my next trip, not realizing that it was very close to the roadblock. Made a return trip and chose "through". That was probably a few weeks ago.

I calculated the first pit stop coordinates and they looked a bit strange. They seemed pretty far out there and it doesn't look like the kind of place I'd want to venture to without being sure I'd find the pit stop there.

I double-checked my answers with Nostrada. They were the same except for the roadblock; he did "Under" and got a different answer. His coordinates looked a lot more reasonable though. I decided that I'd try for the fast forward before the pit stop and try to resolve the inconsistency.

Today I was in the area of the fast forward and searched for it for a while, but didn't find it. I don't know if that means someone has taken it, or I just didn't find it. Where are the the red and yellow flags? :-)

I guess I'll think about this one some more, but I think it's probably more likely that it'll be archived for whatever reason before I finish it. Posted by jeff at October 15, 2003 01:00 PM