October 19, 2003

Harold and Maude

One of the few things we miss about living in LA is being only a few minutes of the beach. While it sure isn't that far away from where we live now, it's far enough that we don't get there regularly anymore.

Considering all that, we enjoyed this cache quite a lot. We had a great hike up to this point and enjoyed the view from the top of the cliff. I had some trouble finding the cache as my GPSr was pointing 20 feet down from where I eventually found it. There were lots of bushes to look under, but it was quite obvious when I found the right spot.

I brought the cache down to where Anne was sitting and she started going through its contents. She found the popping hulk fist, not realizing its popping ability and launched it directly into my eye. Ouch.

We took a pink koosh guy and left a ring. On the way out I found a strange collection of bones. Some of them were pretty large, so I'd guess it was from an animal at least the size of a large dog. Very odd.

Thanks for the cache and nice location! Posted by jeff at October 19, 2003 01:06 PM