October 19, 2003

The Source

When I saw the title of this one, I immediately made a guess on how to solve it. I had been trying that method with some other caches recently. Sure enough, I solved it easily. Someday I hope to finish reading the interesting story!

I arrived at the location today, but I couldn't remember the text description of the location and ended up guessing. I searched the area thoroughly. I tried to look up the location again on the spot, but my Treo didn't allow me to solve it again. Now that I have access to the description again, I've confirmed I was looking in the right spot, so I think it's gone missing.

Update: 4:30 pm - We needed to make a Wal-mart run later in the day, so I made a quick stop to look for this one, now that I was sure where it was. I looked in all the same places and then I found it. The silly thing is, it was the same exact placement as another WeBeDnD cache that I found without any problems. Oh well, thanks for the puzzle.

Posted by jeff at October 19, 2003 09:10 AM