May 24, 2003

Perrine Bridge

We were just trying to get in the general area of this cache and took a random left turn and parked. Turned on the gps and discovered we were 27 feet from the cache. Unfortunately, so were about 50 other people, all watching people parachute off the bridge. So instead we took a walk to explore the area. Then we realized that we hadn't gotten a map of where our hotel was for the night. We looked up, and there it was about a half mile away along with a large selection of dining options... very strange.

As we passed by the cache site again we tried to find the cache. While there were still a lot of people, they were looking at the bridge and people falling off it, not us. Got right on top of it, but I hadn't read the details properly (at all?) and I thought it was a regular sized cache. So, we didn't find it. But we vowed to return after dark when hopefully everyone would be gone and we had some food in us.

That's what we did and we found it after a few minutes of groping around in the dark. We just love that whenever we go to a new place, geocaches take us right to the coolest spots. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at May 24, 2003 01:00 PM