May 26, 2003

Niagara West

All kinds of confusion on this one. We wanted to visit Niagara Springs, but we didn't have any good maps, so it's a good thing we had this cache location in the GPSr. We had some difficulty figuring out which side of the river it was on. First we went north, but the GPSr looked like it was on the south side of the river. So back down we went, all the way to the fish hatchery only to realize that it was definitely on the other side. On the way back we could see the road coming down, so we marked where that was and headed for it on the other side of the river. Once we got close enough we were able to follow the signs down to it. Very nice falls and extremely clear water. The park was pretty nice too.

The cache was full of ants, both on and in the cache. We had some miscommunication about what we were leaving and taking from this cache and we ended up taking an Idaho pin and geocaching sticker and leaving an Outback coaster. We traded up on a cache later that day hopefully to make up for it!

Posted by jeff at May 26, 2003 01:00 PM