June 04, 2003


Woo hoo, #2!

I was pretty lucky on this one that the language was the only one I know reasonably well besides English, though again my memory from high school was tested. I like the numerous hints about the language and trying to figure out the phonetics. Geocaching has definitely made me looney; this one qualified me even more with hours of mumbling words to myself. I guessed most of the words incorrectly at least once. The digit sum check definitely helped make sure we weren't hopelessly wardering around people's backyards. I didn't find a dictionary very helpful. A spelling correction tool however did help.

We tried to get into the cache the back way, but couldn't find the entrance. At the cache it was obvious the back way was a lot shorter to the cache. Easy find once we got there - already some very distinctive trampling. Thanks for the interesting cache! Posted by jeff at June 4, 2003 07:24 PM