September 14, 2003

Take and MAKE a Cache (aka Momma Cache)

After a long day of caching and just finding Less is Moore, I decided not to press my luck, take my winnings and go home. As I looked at my GPRs to figure out how to get home, I saw this cache directly on the way. OK, one more cache. I got there and started looking through the bushes where I found all kinds of interesting objects. At first I thought that the cache was just all over the place and there was no container. Then I read the descriptiong and found the plaque. I was too tired to do math, so I started brute force searching and found it a few minutes later. This is the SECOND-largest cache I've seen. Lots of cool stuff in there and I took a notepad. In my delirious state I forgot to leave anything, but I'll leave something extra at the next M&J cache I find.

The best thing I found here was not in the cache. In the bushes I found something truly evil to appear soon in a park near you...

Posted by jeff at September 14, 2003 05:15 PM