September 13, 2003

Do You Hear Water Running?

Found my way to this one again. Crossed the creek and found my friend the homeless man lounging on the bench. I decided to just ignore him and look anyway. I walked past him and started looking. He wasn't looking my way. I couldn't find it though. After a while, I looked at my GPSr and realized that I was 50 feet away! I was in the wrong place. Went down to where I needed to be and started searching high and low. It was hot and I was getting very dirty. I finally found it. It was very hard to see. When I retrieved it, the cover was ajar. I also found full bottle of bear and a small snake. I left $1 and took a Kealia magnet. I couldn't get the cover to stay on, so I left it as I found it. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at September 13, 2003 02:59 PM