September 11, 2003


I solved this one with some help from Nostrada. Had some time to go find this today so I gave it a try. When I got there, there were some people backing up in a car very slowly. I nearly approached them as I thought they might be looking for the cache, but then they took off. Once they left, I went searching for the cache. Tried a few places, but it was starting to dark. I went in for a closer look and some other people showed up and started backing up slowly, stopping right on the other side of the bush I was hiding behind. They repeated this 3 times. After waiting for these people to leave, it was too dark to see and I had to go. It's a bummer that it's getting too dark to do much caching after work these days. [:(]

Posted by jeff at September 11, 2003 06:45 PM