September 06, 2003

Noble Steed

Driving to this park sure was tricky - lots of roads, all of them dead ends! Finally found the park and had a nice walk to see them donkeys. As we were figuring out the coordinates one of them came to say 'hi' (read: beg for food). He(?) even made whatever sound donkeys make when we started to leave. How cute.

We went to the calculated coordinates and had a lot of trouble finding the cache. After a few minutes of looking we decided to back to the donkeys and recheck some of our numbers. We were right the first time. While we were over there, we noticed we were missing my sunglasses and our pen. We went back to the calculated coordinates and found them both laying in different spots in the grass. Oops!

We were about to give up on this one when I decided to check one obligatory place 30 feet away. There it was! We struggled for 10 minutes to get it out but finally succeeded. Thanks for the fun cache. I think we made some new friends.

Posted by jeff at September 6, 2003 04:59 PM