August 25, 2003

A Scanner Darkly

When this cache was first listed, my first thought was ''Finally, a use for that CueCat sitting in my drawer!'' I spent a half-hour installing the software and trying to get a good scan, but it didn't work. I kept getting the same string of numbers that clearly were not valid coordinates. So I started work on manully decoding bars. It helped a lot to enlarge the picture a bit. I came up with some coordinates that seemed to check out and made a note of them.

A few weeks later I finally made it over to the area of the coordinates, but it looked like I was in the wrong place. I didn't see any appropriate places for a cache driving by. I went on to other caches and figured I messed up the decoding somewhere.

I decoded the bars again two more times when I got home and got the same coordinates as before. Very perplexing.

Today I went for another look, reading some of the other comments. On my first drive by, I still didn't see a place. I drove over to the next parallel street for one last try and this time I spotted the location.

I'm not sure what was harder - finding the general area of the cache or the cache itself! Thanks for the the fun.

Posted by jeff at August 25, 2003 07:36 PM