June 14, 2003

Higher Than You Think: Hardcore Hiker #1

We were staying at Sada Spring for the night, so we were already 1/4 way up the ridiculous incline from Coyote Creek and decided it might be fun to try for this cache. After dumping our backpacks, we grabbed some water and headed up again. What an incline!

We were quite surprised when soon after we started up, some guy (not a ranger) in a truck rumbled by. Once we got to The Bench, it was mostly flat and pretty easy. I even ran some of it. Near the cache we took one of two roads and got close, but the cache appeared to be too far away, so I headed back to the other trail. That turned out to be worse, so I doubled back, went down the first trail some more, headed off the trail a little bit, and found it pretty easily. Had to take the Simpsons watch. All I had of value was some TP, so I left that. Maybe someone will really need it up there! Nearly forgot my GPS there.

The hike down was even more painful. After over 3000 feet of elevation change, we slept well that night!

Posted by jeff at June 14, 2003 05:47 PM