The Construction Sign Museum

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Since the beginning of the web, it has been under construction. Middle-aged programmers learned quickly that instead of finishing the job, they could stick in a little graphic that said "under construction" and go home. It was cute. People might forget that their page sucked if it had a nice graphic on it. Under contruction - like a crew with a bunch of trucks and tools were working on it - how witty.

Never mind that the Universe has been under construction for some time now. The Web is different. It has inline graphics.

So, as more and more people decided to hit the hay instead of finishing their pages, the construction signs grew. They multiplied. People spent lots of time making construction signs that they could have spent finishing their pages.

Like monks tediously hand copying Bibles in the middle ages, people have embellished their contruction signs. They have become more than roadsigns on The Information Superhighway. They have become an art form.

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