Yahoo/Google Competitive Product Matrix

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Yahoo Google
Category Service Rank Name Rank Name Notes
Applications 3D Modeling -- SketchUp
Browser Toolbar Toolbar Toolbar
Document Editing -- Docs
GIS -- Earth
Photo Management -- Picasa
TiVo Yahoo for TiVo --
TV Go for TV --
Web Accelerator -- Web Accelerator
Web Browser IE 7 for Yahoo!, Browser for Broadband partners --
Widgets Widgets Desktop Gadgets
Commerce Autos Autos -- Google Base has listings, but no content
Job Listings 3 HotJobs -- Google Base has listings, but no content
Local Local Local Search
Maps 2 Maps 3 Maps
Real Estate Real Estate Base
Tickets Tickets Base
Travel Travel --
Yellow Pages Yellow Pages Local Search
Communication Blog Hosting 360° Blogger
Chat Chat --
Feed Reader in Yahoo Mail Reader
Instant Messenger 2 Messenger Talk
Mail 1 Mail 4 Gmail
PC to Phone Voice --
Personals 2 Personals -- Google Base has listings, but no content
Video Chat Webcam --
Voice Chat Voice Talk
Community Avatars Avatars --
Bookmark Sharing --
Event Listings Upcoming Calendar Event Search
Groups Groups Groups
Member Directory Member Directory --
Social Network 360° 5 Orkut
Developer Browser Extensions -- Gears
Coding Project Hosting -- Code Project Hosting
Mashup Builder Pipes Mashup Editor
Web Service APIs Developer Network APIs
Media Broadway Shows Broadway --
Celebrity Gossip OMG! --
Customized Page 1 My Yahoo! 2 iGoogle
Education Education --
Environment Green --
Fantasy Sports 1 Fantasy Sports --
Finance 1 Finance 40 Finance
Food Food --
Health Health --
Jukebox Music Jukebox -- Google has a simple playback gadget for Google Desktop
Kids Kids --
Lottery Results Lottery --
Movies Movies Movies Google has listings and reviews only
Music Music -- Google Web Search has some music specific pages
Music Downloads / Subscriptions Music Unlimited --
News 1 News 5 News Google has limited hosted content and video
Online Games Games --
Pets Pets --
Photo Sharing 2 Flickr Picasaweb
Podcasts Podcasts --
Radio 1 LAUNCHcast --
Reference Books Reference -- Google shows selected definitions in web search
Sports 2 Sports --
Technology Tech --
Video Editing Jumpcut --
Video Games Video Games --
Video Hosting 3 Video 1 YouTube
Weather 4 Weather -- Google has current conditions and brief 4-day forecast in Web Search results
Mobile Client Go for Mobile --
Mail Mobile Mail Gmail Mobile
Maps -- Mobile Maps
News Mobile News Mobile News
Search Mobile Search Mobile Search
SMS Mobile Mobile
Sports Mobile Sports --
Weather Mobile Weather --
PIM Address Book Address Book Gmail
Alerts Alerts Alerts
Calendar Calendar Calendar
Notes Notepad Notebook
Storage Briefcase --
Search Academic -- Scholar
Answers Answers --
Audio Audio Search --
Blog -- 2 Blog Search
Book -- Book Search
Code Search -- Code Search
Desktop -- Desktop
Directory Directory Directory
Images Image Search Image Search
News News Search News Search
News Archives -- News Archive Search
Patent Search -- Patent Search
Popularity Index Buzz Trends
Print Catalogs -- Catalogs
Translations BabelFish Translate
Usenet -- Groups
Video Video Search Video
Web 2 Search 1
Services Contextual Ad Network Publisher Network AdSense
Internet Access AT&T, Verizon, Rogers, BT Broadband Access WiFi in Mountain View, CA only
Site Analytics MyBlogLog Analytics MyBlogLog has limited reporting services, but additional community features
Sitemaps Site Explorer Sitemaps

Features and ranking data are for U.S. websites.


Largest sites (by revenue or traffic are highlighted in yellow).

Rank is based on publicly available audience measurement data from Comscore, Neilsen, Hitwise, and others. Click the rank number to see the source.

Product names in bold are the leaders betweek the two companies.