Uploading logs:

You can upload logs in several formats: Mapsource (.MPS), GPX and CacheMate (PDB). CacheMate databases are the easist and contain the most information about each cache (such as time found, name, etc.)

Mapsource and GPX

Mapsource and GPX files MUST use the waypoint name (or GSAK smart name)as the Geocaching waypoint (GCXXXX) for this tool to be able to log back to Geocaching.com.

This tool does not support "new" Mapsource GDB files, but you can choose what format to save in from MapSource and select GPX or MPS then. Under the covers, gpsbabel is used to convert all formats into GPX.

Waypoints not marked as "Found" (Geocache Found Icon) are filtered out.

CacheMate Database

First, sync your Palm with your computer to get your latest logs.
Then simply upload your CacheMate database from your Palm's backup. Your CacheMate database backup will typically be in C:\Program Files\Palm\[Your Name]\Backup\DefaultItems-cMat.PDB. "Palm" may be "Handspring" or "Sony", depending on the brand of your Palm device.

For example, mine is at:
C:\Program Files\Handspring\BoulteJ\BackUp\DefaultItems-cMat.PDB

If you use multiple CacheMate Databases, the file name may differ slightly, but should end in "-cMat.PDB".

Be patient as your CacheMate database may be large and could take a while to upload if you are on a slow connection. Uploaded files are limited to 10MB or less. The logger will only list caches which have the "Found" checkbox checked.

An alternative is to use multiple CacheMate databases. I have 3 - Default, Found and Logged. Default is where any new imports go and what I work on when out caching. When I'm ready to log, I use CacheMate to move all records from the Found category into the Found database. Then I sync and just upload the Found database to the logger. When I'm done logging, I move all the records in the Found database to the Logged database just in case, but I could just as well delete them.

Tip: It's faster to mark caches you DNF'd in CacheMate as Found by clicking then checkbox than changing the category. What I do is check them as found, but put "dnf" somewhere in the log. The Logger will notice this and automatically change the log type to DNF.

CacheMate Export

In CacheMate:

- Make sure the option "add time to log memo title" is set.
- Select the "Found" category.
- From the menu, Export Logs. You can put the logs in any memo category you'd like; I made one called "cache logs".
- Hotsync

In Palm Desktop:
- In Memo, Select all the exported caches you wish to export
- Select File - Export from the menu
- Use Type Text, Range: Currently Selected Records, and put the file in a well-known location.
- Click OK
- Uncheck private and category (only Memo should be checked) - Save the file - Delete the cache memos so you you don't get duplicates next time

Now go back and upload the file you just exported to this site.