April 17, 2005

Island Falls

2:33 pm - This was our second consecutive frustrating DNF in this park. We read the description and it said we could start from either of two trailheads, so we used the one that made the most sense from in the park.

We went for where the coordinates led us and searched. Lots of places for a cache, but no cache. Then I got a better signal and searched on the island. No cache there. We searched for a long time. Eventually I punched in fizzy's coordinates which pointed us off the island to the other side. We weren't going to walk all the way around now and the stream was too deep to cross.

How about some coordinates for the suggested trailheads? I think the difficulty and terrain for these could be lowered quite a bit if the descriptions were straightforward.

We left tired and all scraped up from searching. There was lots of PO too. We had planned to do Weeping Willow, but didn't bother now. Posted by jeff at April 17, 2005 02:33 PM