My Productive Weekend

What we did this weekend:

  1. Inflated the tires on the jogging stroller
  2. Moved a very heavy treadmill from the 3rd floor to the basement – at midnight, no less.
  3. Assembled an elliptical machine without instructions (they were missing).
  4. Installed Linux about 4 times, finally settling on Mythbuntu
  5. Installed a rather large mirror in the living room
  6. Moved a lot of stuff around in the basement
  7. Wired up my Wiimote charging stations and Wii component output
  8. Fixed a couple of loose doorknobs
  9. Unpacked and set up two new lamps for the bedroom
  10. Went to music class with Audrey
  11. Tried out a new rug for the kitchen. (It’s going back.)
  12. Fixed my parents’ email
  13. Tried to fix my parents’ printer.
  14. Tried and mostly failed at getting Audrey to nap in her crib in the afternoons.
  15. Chopped up most of the remaining ice on the driveway
  16. Reposted some furniture on craigslist
  17. Took advantage of an awesome sale on Amazon and bought Audrey a new carseat
  18. Watched the SuperBowl, mostly for the commercials (Hulu’s was the best), but it turned out to be a pretty good game, even if you didn’t care who wins.
  19. Actually updated my blog. 🙂

On one hand, my life seems to have become incredibly boring. On the other hand, it was nice to stay home and get things done.

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