Red Sox losing = grumpy Jeff

The Red Sox starting pitching couldn’t make it through 5 innings for the 3rd game in a row. They had 7 runs scored against them in a single inning AGAIN. All of this makes for a very grumpy Boulter household.

This affects even the simplest of things, like dinner. Anne asks what I want for dinner. I’m too grumpy to talk about it. At 8:15 I decide that having dinner sounds better than watching the game. Unable to find something immediately microwavable, I decide on the next simplest thing – spaghetti. But I can’t even do that right.

We have angel hair and linguine, but not enough of either for the both us. If I was smart, I would put the linguine in first since it has to cook longer, but I already put the angel hair in so it was too late. Then Anne gets annoyed at me because I picked a pot that was too small for pasta for two people. A few minutes later, she gets annoyed that I put the pasta in before the water was completely boiling. As I go to drain the pasta, I accidentally dump half of it in the sink. It turns out there was enough for 2, but not anymore.

I’m so grumpy I can’t even cook pasta. So sad.


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