Cat Wars: Day 16

Well, the war has mostly deescalated to border skirmishes. As I type this, I’ve got Pixel laying on top of my leg and Signal on the couch a few feet to the right. That seems like a good thing.

They’re still generally unhappy with each other’s presence though, especially when one of them surprises the other. They have a habit of walking into rooms without looking around a bit first and then suddenly they realize that the other is only a few feet away and must be “attacking” the other one. Dumb cats.

The other day when I got home, I began to pet Signal and then Pixel showed up wanting some attention too. I managed to get them within arms reach of each other so I could pet them both at the same time and they were mostly OK with that. Later I played with them both and at least while they were playing, the seemed to forget they hated each other. When playtime stopped, it was all growling, hissing and chasing though.

Signal seems to have mostly forgotten what they were fighting about in the first place. A few times he’s tried to play with Pixel and was quickly reminded that this was not appropriate behavior.

Something interesting is that Pixel seems to have regressed a bit in his personality, like to when we didn’t have Signal. He’s more playful and needful of attention. I guess that’s because before his “toy” was Signal. Now that he can’t get his aggressions out on another live cat, a feather on a string or a twist tie will do.

They’re not playing or sitting together yet, but it seems like the worst of the hostilities are over. Best of all, there’s been no more bloodshed. I expect all will be back to normal in another week or so.

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