How to know when you’ve played with your PSP too long

It hurts your wrist to hold a toothbrush.
Grand Theft Auto
I promised myself that I wouldn’t start on Grand Theft Auto I got for Christmas until Yahoo! Tech shipped. It did and I may have overdone it. The PSP‘s buttons seem to aggrevate the same parts of my right wrist that mice do when I use them too much.

Like I tend to do when this happens, I’ve switched to using my mouse with my left hand. Whenver I do that, I tend to simply use the mouse less and learn more keyboard shortcuts. The handiest one I’ve used recently is the space bar to navigate to the next unread mail message in Thunderbird. Since my mail gets filtered into many folders, it’s a pain to pick up the latest in each folder without this handy trick.

I guess I’ll have to lay off the PSP for a few days. But damn, that game is fun.

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