Southern Comforts

Anne must have been feeling a bit punchy on our trip to New Orleans because she kept saying funny stuff. Here’s my favorites:

Her single word reaction to her first beignet, before even her first bite was complete

“I’d live here it was colder.”
Ruling out the possibility of ever living here

“That’s all you need in your life – It’s you, your Treo, and that’s it.”
Intimidated by the power of my phone

“This is a really crappy highway.”
Complaning about a particularly bumpy section of “the 10” (only people from So. Cal. prefix interstate names with “the”)

“Heeeereeeee, Crocodile!”
Trying to call crocodiles out of the swamp and onto the highway so she could see one

“I’d like to go to Mississippi, Rob.”
Making an unusual request

“Because it’s so disfunctional, we’ll call it a ’roundabout'”
Settling the debate over the correct term for a ‘rotary.’ This one was disfunctional because it had traffic lights in the middle of it.

“I’m so glad my name is not ‘Rumpert'”
Displaying a distaste for street names in New Orleans

“You’re in Mississippi; people have guns here. Don’t act weird.”
Repremanding Rob for making a rude gesture at a close-following car

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