It’s Treo Day!

I think the day has finally arrived. I sent another nastygram to Amazon on Friday about the status of my packages and this is what they said:

During the holiday season it is common for UPS to not scan the package until it arrives at your local UPS hub. This is why there isn’t updated information on their website. Since it is not scanned as of yet, their customer service representatives will not have any information to give you.

I was skeptical, but this morning I checked UPS and the second package had been magically teleported from Kentucky to Richmond, CA to Sunnyvale within an hours. The first package arrived in Sunnyvale on Sunday night so I don’t know why it couldn’t have been delivered yesterday. I’m still curious to see what’s actually in that box.

Checking the UPS site again, both packages are out for delivery. I had them sent to work. If I plan to be the least bit productive today I’m going to have to hold off on opening it until after work. That’s going to be really tough.

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