Amazon’s time machine

I’d really like to get a hold of Amazon’s shipping time machine. Apparently they can ship something from Kentucky and get it to California on the same day. They can also go back in time and get it there the day before. Wow! Of course I haven’t receieved either. The funny thing is that UPS says that my second package hasn’t actually shipped yet. It’s been stuck in “billing information received state” for a day.

This was what I saw a while ago. Now when I try to access my account, I get

We’re Sorry!

We’re sorry, but we’re having some difficulties retrieving your account information right now. Please be assured that your information is still secure.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again in about an hour – we should have everything working again soon.

This is becoming more and more common. Sigh, it used to be such a well-executed site.

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