All charged up

I really dislike rechargable batteries. Not necessarily the standard sizes (AA, C, D, etc.), but all those weird batteries found in most portable electronic devices these days.

I was in the airport last Tuesday when I realized that I had forgotten the charger for my Treo. The battery in the older Treo 300 is not the best and runs down quickly when you used the phone or data from it. As a result I’ve had to just keep it off.

I considered trying to go out and find a power adapter, but I didn’t want to drive around town for something no one probably carries anymore. Plus with my new phone on the way it makes little sense to buy more accessories at this point. Once again, the updated Treos have different ports and different chargers.

On Thursday, I went over for Thanksgiving part II with Anne’s family 45 minutes away and realized I forgot the power cord for my laptop at my parents house. I could have gone back for it, but we might have been late for dinner.

There are two other laptops here and a gazillion other gadgets, but they all use different power devices. Of course, I hadn’t charged my laptop recently and when I turned it on, it only had 19 minutes of battery life left.

What we need is a wireless standard for charging any device. Just like bluetooth ans wifi are making device and network cables obsolete, we need to do this for power as well.

Now I’m not suggesting that we irradiate peoples homes with microwaves, but simply standardizing on some device plugs and protocols so our devices can get some juice when we need it.

One of the coolest things I’ve seen in this area is a pad that one startup was making that could charge devices just by placing them on the pad. The device and the pad communicated and automatically charged. Keeping your mobile phone charged would just mean dropping it on a table. No more frickin’ wires.

Or maybe the next Treo will come with an optional hand crank accessory. That would be fine too. For now, I just dumped an iGo Juice universal adapter on my Amazon wishlist. Maybe Santa will help solve my technology problems.

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