Treo 650 on the way!

I bought my Treo 650 today. Well, kinda. I ordered it from Amazon. Here’s the problem.

Shipping estimate: December 22, 2004 – January 5, 2005

I’m really hoping that Amazon is being pessimistic about this since some people got their phones today.

The total price will be about $307.75 or 49% off!!

$599.99 retail
– $30 amazon discount
– $8.95 Instant reward
– $150 Sprint Rebate
– $50 Amazon Rebate
– $36.46 Amazon Associates Referral Credit
– $16.83 visa credit
+ Free shipping
+ No tax

Not sure if I will have to get a new phone number to get the rebate, but I don’t really care. No one ever calls me anyway. 🙂

I may actually take a $50 hit and sign up for a one-year sprint contract ($100 rebate) instead of the 2-year contract. Two years is a really long time to be stuck with any provider.

I’m really looking forward to the new phone. My Treo 300 is looking pretty ragged. Now I just need to hunt down a Bluetooth adapter, car charger and maybe a case…

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