Bounced Mail

Recently some spammers have started to use random addresses as the return addresses for their spam. This means I’m getting tons of bounces from emails I never sent. I’m able to filter and toss most of them, but a few custom replies make it through.

This is one of the most entertaining I’ve recieved, from someone else who seems to have the same problem.

Subject: Stop the madness

This is an automatic reply. This account is unused because it is innundated with delivery failures due to some heinous spammer using my valid address for their bogus return address, AND a virus that sends mail from “James” @ the recipients, which for people on Road Runner is Lucky Fucking Me! I’m not currently using this account and all messages will be deleted. If you work for Time Warner Road Runner or another ISP, do something about this BS. If you are another victim, don’t get all stupid and blame me, because I didn’t send you anything and my computer is not infected. You will only make things worse. Thanks.

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