Jeff Boulter, Democratic Voter

I never thought I’d see those words together.

I tend to be pretty conversative in my views and that means that I usually vote Republican. But this election is different.

I did what I usually do before voting absentee – I take some of the online quizzes about my views and then see how they match up with the candidates’. I took two and they both came out strongly Kerry. The fact that he’s from New England and a Red Sox fan helps, even though that wasn’t on the quiz. 🙂

I guess the big thing that swayed me, even before I looked at the individual issues is the situation in Iraq. It’s clearly a mess. Whether the decision to invade was right or wrong does not matter anymore. We’re in there and the country needs to be rebuilt. I think the only way that will happen is with the support of other countries. As long as it appears to disenfranchised Iraqis that it’s Bush vs. them, the more angry they will become. The more genuine support we have from the rest of the world, the stronger the case will be that this is not about imperalism or any particular US agenda.

While it’s not clear what Kerry’s strategy will be in this regard, he’s a man that can be much more easily respected. Bush’s folksy demeanor makes him appear to be just a dumb Texan. What we need right now is someone who can at least talk the talk and make the US respected in the world community again.

Alright, enough coherent thoughts about important matters – 83 cents in postage just to return an absentee ballot?? What’s with that?


  1. My absentee ballot says “no postage necessary if mailed in the united states”. (I live in zip 94110, but I’d be suprised if the fee was different in different locations.)

  2. Even though I’m a registered Republican due to my conservative views also, I’m coming over from the “dark side” and voting for Kerry also. A Bush in office is only good enough for 4 years anyways. Can’t stand Cheney either. Time for some new insight and clean up the mess that’s been created the last 4 years.

  3. The more genuine support we have from the rest of the world, the stronger the case will be that this is not about imperalism or any particular US agenda.

    I agree, but I’d take it one step further. I’d say that for Bush and his inner circle, the Iraq war IS about a particular US agenda:

    – establishment of a functioning democracy in the Arab region
    – control of the world’s second largest oil supply
    – increased pressure and lessened dependence on Saudi Arabia (Cheney believes the days of the House of Saud are numbered)
    – elimination of social security and various other social programs (welfare, health care, education, etc) by spending on the war, which re-privatizes the money and “starves the beast”
    – removal of an oppressive dictator
    – finishing the job Cheney started in 1990 and genuine guilt over that failure

    The argument about WMD and national security was simply intended to use the events of 9/11 as a polarizing factor to enact the above agenda. Now, you can make an argument that these reasons are good reasons, but I disagree, and so does Kerry. This frees him to deal with the Iraq situation in the manner in which you suggest: multilaterally and not simply acting in American self-interest.

    And don’t get me started on Bush’s domestic policies. 🙂

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